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About Kristyn in ENTERING INCOMPLETE MAP DATA AREA by Kay Adshead:

"Her delivery was real, raw, intelligent, humorous where it needed to be and deeply moving. Desperate to work with her again."

(Entering Incomplete Map Data Area by Kay Adshead)

-Kay Adshead, International award-winning playwright, director


About Kristyn in I CAN'T IMAGINE TOMORROW by Tennessee Williams:

"I continually find Kristyn's work to be full of subtlety, imagination and depth. 

... always multi-dimensional, full of life and free of vanity." 

-Daniel Amenda, Artistic Director, Treasure House Theatre and

Paramount Hudson Valley Arts

About Kristyn in NURSERY RHYMES by Jan Ewing:

"Kristyn Koczur gave an outstanding performance as Marge who was struggling with menopause. Her character may have been forgetful, but her performance is hard to forget. She was funny one moment and the next she was breaking your heart."

-Jen Bush, ARTS INDEPENDENT, Arts Professionals in Focus

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