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As a shy teenager from Chicago, Kristyn found freedom of expression performing in high school musicals. Her first professional audition was an open call for HAIR. Completely clueless about protocol, she sang “Dream a Little Dream of Me” a capella. After a polite dismissal, she left disheartened, then abruptly turned around and begged for another chance. The director kindly advised her that there would be future auditions for replacements. Her hopes soared, confident that she would nail it the next time.

During a college trip to New York, Kristyn had a stunning epiphany. Her true destiny was to be a professional ballet dancer! Three years of dedication and laser focus earned a resounding rejection from her beloved ballet mentor. “You know you’ll never be a dancer.” Tears streaming down her face, “What about musical theatre?” “There is no more musical theatre.”
Nevertheless, musical theatre found Kristyn in summer stock and inspired her to take a grand jeté to New York City, which has been home ever since. There were roller coaster rides where she almost took flight, and tailspins into despair only to rise again. When she became a single parent with 3 young children, she chose to take on a new role.

Working with a culturally diverse population of elderly and Alzheimer patients as a therapeutic recreation specialist, she found inspiration encouraging seniors to share their stories in a loving, supportive environment.

After 20 years of waiting in the wings, she had another epiphany. Life lessons learned through mistakes and resilience are a gift beyond measure. She fine-tuned her instrument in order to serve others in her cherished profession. Her deepest honor is to be allowed to celebrate, through a craft well earned, not only that which binds people together, but that which makes them unique.

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